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Dennis Trei

The Original Brains Behind the Operation, Phone Answerer, Copy Maker, Paper Cutter and Padder, Retired (but not really)

Michelle Trei

The REAL Original Brains Behind the Operation, Bookkeeper, Biller

Tim Trei

General Manager, Computer and Network Technician, Paper Cutter, Sign Maker, Paper Jam Extraordinaire

Marci Trei

Graphic Designer, Type Setter, Printer, Emailer, Organizer of All the Paper

Ruth Hansmann

Secretary, Phone Answerer, Copy Maker, Filer, List Updater, Organizer of All the Tasks

Rachel Anders

Graphic Designer, Attention Payer to Details, Rememberer of All Things, Tea Drinker, Robin’s Favorite Cousin

Robin Redman

Owner/Operator of Studio 77 Designs, Assistance in our Design, Vinyl, and Sign Departments, Knower of All the Fonts

As you can see there is some overlap in our job duties. We all pitch in to make the team go ‘round and make sure we provide every customer with great service and a great finished product!

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